Nuinday Chakradh'ri

Known as Nuin for short, is a Deep Elf from the Caves of the Indwelled.


Nuinday Chakradh’ri knows little of his early years of life, never having met his parents he was raised by various mentors and master craftsmen. Growing up in the under-city, often to lookout for himself, Nuin learned that there was no one in the world that he needed. Believing that society was a mesh of stupid, self indulged, corrupted, and egotistical people; he exiled himself into the streets at an early age. Having to steal, fight, lie and cheat to survive, he grew comfortable in the derelict environment; often squatting in abandoned homes or alleys, he found solace in meditation and exploration, educating himself and finding wisdom from those who supplied it. By the time he reached his late teens, Nuin understood the cities personality. He could mask himself in the crowds, become the darkness in the corner, navigate the rooftops as though they were paths laid out for him. The cave became his skin, the still air his breath, and the pulse of the city his blood. He fell in love.

Still in the early years of his life, Nuinday took an interest in the fabrication of weapons, he began to work for free at the forge in return for an apprenticeship. After years under his mentor, a strong trust was born and Nuinday found his first friend in ages. His mentor taught him how to fight and become an expert of the rare Chakrham as was well as the martial arts. He then became a guard of the Deep Elves most precious items in the under vault.

Nuinday is distrusting, unenthusiastic and socially challenged. Relying not on the comfort of friendship but rather self discipline to give him strength. Sometimes however, when the sounds of the city fade in the late hours, and the soft echoes of water droplets fall from the caves massive stalagmites; he finds the strength he so heavily relies on starts to waver. A deep sadness, a loneliness creeps up from the deepest places in his heart. His anger falters, and he holds back the tears.

Nuinday Chakradh'ri

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