It is a dark time in the Empire of Antar. For the first time in nearly fifteen hundred years, the peace that was forged during the war against dark and sinister forces has been broken. The elven kingdoms have risen up against their human and halfling neighbors, tired of their shores and woodlands being polluted by factories and logging camps. Their children sick and dying from the toxic filth being spewed into the once clean waters of Lake Linilara.

Mining operations delved deeper and deeper into the sacred caves of the Onkalo elves. When the ancient Pillars of Hún Tú Ambar were broken by the thunderous explosions of the Gnomish mining operations, the pale elves went mad with rage. Their resulting actions set off a series of events that are likely to be remembered for generations to come. A select number of the deep elves attacked the miners and its outlying support camp under cover of night. They did not leave a single survivor.

Inspired by the violent act, the Mirinali elves likewise struck back when human loggers began to cut into one of their “Sentinel Trees”. The elven patrol party had been slow to respond when they felt the tremors in the earth and did not get there until the old tree had been felled. Two of the humans succumbed quickly to deadly arrows of the Redhawks, elite warriors of the Brightstar Wood. The Redhawks allowed three of the humans to escape, but not without wounds to show what would happen should anyone now of elven blood return to the Forest of Sacred Stars.

The acts of violence combined with an age old contempt between the sea elves and the surface dwelling races created a political atmosphere there meant one of two outcomes. Peace negotiations must begin, or war was a certainty. So the Mirinali queen began a campaign of reason and peace. But it did not last long. She was assassinated by a traitorous elf and a human, both of whom escaped and are being tracked by the best hunters the elves can muster. Meanwhile the death of their leader has galvanized the elven cause and forged the Brightstar Alliance between the elven races and orcish. Now lead by Caladrel Elethron, the Steward of the Mirinali throne, they have invaded the nearest Imperial City; Primus.

War has begun and the Alliance will fight to the very end if need be to win their freedom from the empire and a clean world for their children. While the elves no longer command the power of magic, and their lifespan is now as tenuous as any of the other mortal races, the elves will still fight on… fueled by a new hope, born through their faith in their Oracle. She has found The Outsider… A long prophesied individual who would leave their land and return with the winds of fire and magic.

And return the world to balance, and restore the elven people back to their proper way of life. Lord Elethron does not trust The Outsider. For he is a human, who has lived his entire life amongst the elves. The son of a human trader who married an elven woman after his natural mother died. If The Outsider is really this human or not, the Steward can not say. But he will indeed keep a wary eye on the human swordsman; that is to say the least.

The Antar Series – Book IV: The Winds of Fire & Magic is an ongoing campaign using the Pathfinder RPG. It is the fourth book in The Antar Series. It is a companion game to Book V: Exiles.

The Antar Series - Book IV: The Winds of Fire & Magic

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